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Ahh-Some Purge Cleaner

Ahh-Some Purge Cleaner

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Ahh-Some Purge (2oz)

Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner is a unique and environmentally friendly gel formula that, when used as directed, removes the build-up of bio-fouling inorganics, oils, lotions, cosmetics, exfoliated skin and other contaminants – from the plumbing, jets, and shell of typical hot tubs and jetted bathtubs.

Cleaning Instructions: For jetted tubs, at least 1/2 teaspoon of gel is required per purge, no matter the size of your tub. For hot tubs, use 1 teaspoon of gel for every 125 gallons. Wipe off any excess gunk or grime from the tub surface after purge to complete the cleaning process.

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