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AquaFinesse Hot Tub Filter Cleaner (Tabs)

AquaFinesse Hot Tub Filter Cleaner (Tabs)

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Simple treatment

• Remove the filter.
• Fill a bucket with 10 litre of warm water.
• Add 2 AquaFinesse Filter Cleaning tablets. (small filters 1 tablet)
• Insert the filter in the bucket and leave for at least 1 hour (if your filter is heavily soiled you may leave it in the cleaning fluid for up to 24 hours).
• Be sure the filter is completely submerged in the water, if this is not possible turn the filter regularly to ensure complete cleaning.
• After one hour rinse the filter in the upright position with a strong stream of tapwater/hosepipe water working from the top to bottom.
• Insert filter back into the filterhouse of your hot tub.
(If possible allow the filter to dry before replacing, we recommend buying an extra filter to allow you to do this).

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