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Bosco Pool & Spa

Confer Curve Base 4-Step Staircase

Confer Curve Base 4-Step Staircase

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The Confer Curve Base 4-Step Staircase Has An Elegant Design!

The Confer Curve Base 4-Step Staircase offers the unique ability to start with this already elegant design, and add to it in the future if you want to create that wedding cake look with the Confer Curve Base Add-On. This unique and durable 4-step staircase features a pleasant sloping handrail that adds a touch of grace as you enter your pool with the option to plate the step treads facing inwards, or outwards depending on your style. A two tone colour scheme provides distinction between the frame and the step treads so you can easily spot your next step. The side frame offers open slats that allow water to pass through so you aren’t stuck with dirt and debris accumulation behind the stairs.


  • Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Tread width: 27”
  • Tread depth: 10”
  • Riser height: 11”
  • Unit depth: 32”
  • Handrail height from top step: 30”
  • Height to top tread for above ground: 47”
  • Mounting bracket length: 24”
  • Overall outside width: 38”
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