Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner

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Use in conjunction with Spa Marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner and Spa Marvel Cleanser. Properly cleaned filters are pivotal to the success of using Spa Marvel. The use of a filter cleaning agent such as Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is required. Follow directions on the Filter Cleaner label. After soaking the filter in Filter Cleaner it is critical that the debris is thoroughly removed from the pleats of the filter. The water pressure from showers, dishwashers and kitchen sinks is often not strong enough to remove the debris. If after rinsing your filter there is still discolouration in the pleats or if it still smells dirty, then it is not clean and you need to re evaluate your current filter cleaning techniques. Many people gently and carefully use a pressure washer to quickly and effectively remove the debris after soaking the filter. If you do not have access to a pressure washer, the sprayer at the coin-operated car wash works well. Reinstall filter as per your professional spa retailer’s instructions Replace your filter as per your professional spa retailer’s direction