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Cartridge Cleaner

Cartridge Cleaner

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SPABOSS Cartridge Cleaner (1L)

SpaBoss Cartridge Cleaner is a hot tub filter cleaning agent.  It's dual action & low-foam formula removes scale, breaks down bather's body oils, make-up, skin lotions, suntan oil & grease that make a mess of your filter. Regular use assures proper filtration from your Hot Tub Filter Cartridge.

How to use

  • To use mix 16 oz of SpaBoss Concentrated Cartridge Cleaner to 2.5 gallons water in a plastic bucket
  • Allow the cartridge to soak for 12 hours. Remove, rinse thoroughly & reinstall.

SpaBoss Cartridge Cleaner is comparable to:

  • Arctic Pure Filter Restore
  • BeachComber Filter Cure
  • BeachComber Filter Pure
  • Dazzle Filter Cleanse
  • Leisure Time Filter Clean
  • Leisure Time Instant Cartridge Clean
  • Rendezvous Filter Fresh filter cleaner
  • Spa Essentials Filter Cleaner
  • Spa Gaurd Filter Brite
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